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Why Stage a home for sale

If you are selling your home, it is well worth investing in help with organizing and home staging. I will work with your realtor and you to create the most successful atmosphere for selling. Homes sell much faster when staged. Its important to clear personal belongings and create an open atmosphere that helps a beer envision themselves in the home.

Santa Fe realtors use professional photographers to showcase your home, and there are some key elements that create successful images that highlight the beauty and successful marketing of your home.

I work with your furnishings (with an occasional additions as needed) to create rooms that will highlight the desirability of your home to a buyer.

​I will walk through your home with you and create a list of what we will do in each room. you will be able to choose what parts you do and what I will do (you may decide to have me do all of it).  We'll be packing personal items, and creating a very inviting, sellable home!