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Land and home cleansing and blessing ceremony

Why do a cleansing?

There can be many reasons for "stuck" energy in a house; there may have been an illness, a death, or disharmony. I cleanse all negative spirits (ghosts) and energy in the home, and do ceremony to honor the ancestors of the land and to bring all light energies into balance. After a clearing and blessing, the space feels much more serene and inviting. Many times a house clearing will result in a faster sale.  It is also very nice to do a gratitude and releasing ceremony when moving out, as it brings a sense of closure and peace as you continue on to new adventures.  

My Shamanic work

As a Shamanic Practitioner I offer House and Land, Energy and Spirit clearings. I work with Divine Spirits to honor the ancestors and spirits of the land, blessing the home through prayer,  smudging and singing, to create a peaceful and balanced energy. I have worked with Realtors in Santa Fe and in the Bay Area as well as for private clients.


I cannot recommend Elizabeth and her Shamanic healing gifts enough! She is a warm, compassionate, welcoming, insightful presence.  Her competence, knowledge, and capability allowed me to trust her as soon as she began working.

I recently found a small home in Santa Fe and after moving in, I found myself unable to feel at rest, or at home, in ,y new place. After I mentioned this restlessness to some friends of mine, they recommended that I seek help from Elizabeth. 

She performed a series of ceremonies designed to clear any negative influences in the home, and contact the ancestors and spirits of the land to honor them and ask for blessings. She blessed the home with the elements and directions, and introduced me to the energy of the place. She even helped a sorrowful spirit step into the next phase of their journey.

Since these ceremonies, my house has truly become my home. I feel as if I belong and it has become a place of joy, healing, and respite. 

Tyler G.